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McAfeePro: Everything You Should Know

Defend your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphones from virus, malware, spyware and ransomware attacks and ensure safety of your digital life with McAfee Antivirus Software.

Multi-Device Privacy Guaranteed

Ensure privacy of all your electronic devices with one value pack of McAfee Total Protection Antivirus kit and connect up to 10 devices with 100% digital protection.

Safe Web Browsing

Active firewall that filters and blocks unsafe URLs thereby ensuring safe browsing.

On-Demand Scanning

Scan unwanted content in your devices as well as third party clouds such as Sharepoint with an on-demand scanning facility.

McAfee Login: Some simple steps to Activate and Login

  1. First and foremost, always ensure your device is compatible with McAfee Total Protection Login .
  2. Then click on As you click on the Register Now button to create McAfee Account.
  3. You will be directed to a page where you need to input the desired username and password.
  4. Then the user has to retype the password to confirm the same. Now, one can seamlessly perform a McAfee login and complete the entire setup process.

McAfee Product Key Activation: Simple Steps Explained

Activating McAfee Total Protection Login  with a product key is a fairly simple process. One has to follow the below steps for McAfee Product Key Activation

  1. Double click on the link and login to McAfee total protection. 
  2. Right after logging in, the user will be prompted to feed the 25 character product activation key and hit on the Activate button over there. 
  3. The entire process consumes a couple of minutes. Therefore, the user has to wait patiently till the entire process completes.

McAfee Small Business Security: What Is It After All?

Manage your business operations online safely and seamlessly with McAfee Business Security Login antivirus kit. It offers a central dashboard from where one can remotely manage all business devices with total control. This 360-degree enterprise protection suite is safeguarding sensitive business information for over 125 million users across the globe. Robust firewall protection followed by multi-device connectivity and eliminating phishing attacks through emails and web browsers can be seamlessly eliminated with McAfee Small Business Security. Most importantly, it comes at an affordable cost for all businesses to leverage its power with free support and virus removal for lifetime. Read More

  1. Multi-Device Protection– Keep all the upcoming and existing cyber threats at bay and safeguard the devices used for your business purposes with McAfee Small Business Security.
  2. Flexible Licensing– Protect at least 5 personal computers, Macs as well as unlimited iOS and Android devices. Moreover, the number of devices can be increased as the business grows. In addition to this, a lost device can be locked or removed from the package seamlessly.
  3. Centralised Control– A central server can be used to control a whole array of devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktops as well as tablets.
  4. Robust Firewall Protection– Blocking unsafe sites and URLs need not be manual as McAfee Small Business Security automates the entire process with its robust firewall protection feature.

Here are the advantages of McAfee Small Business Security:

  1. Comprehensive Security- Block spam and dangerous emails from reaching anyone in your organization. This way all your business information small or big is safeguarded from hackers and cyberbullies. 
  2. Affordable Cost- McAfee Small Business Security can be easily availed by any business. Be it a company with less than 10 employees or a large corporate with 100s or even 1000s working. McAfee Small Business Security Login  offers value based packages for all.
  3. Safeguards Sensitive Business Information- As the firewall blocks spam and phishing mails, the sensitive business information have zero scope to get outside your servers.

How to get McAfee Small Business Security:

On receiving the package, the users can follow the instructions given in the manual as it is largely self explanatory. In a few minutes, the entire process gets completed and similar steps have to be followed for the entire range of devices in the organisation.

McAfee LiveSafe: The Important Details:

Your digital life is not vulnerable if you choose  McAfee LiveSafe Login. It offers round the clock protection for all your devices. A user can track and lock the device with the use of McAfee LiveSafe. Also, the secure password manager feature takes the hassle out of remembering all your passwords. Moreover,  McAfee LiveSafe Login offers an online vault for all users to store their personal and sensitive information. It can be accessed from all operating systems such as iOS, Windows 7, 8, 10 as well as mobile operating systems such as Android. Read More

McAfee LiveSafe: Unique Features

  1. Cross-Device ProtectionMcAfee LiveSafe Login  can be installed in any electronic device such as Desktop PC, Laptop, Smartphones etc. and it offers all round protection for all devices registered.  
  2. Multi-level Privacy Protection- Shred sensitive information and safeguard your data from digital thieves with multi-level privacy protection offered by McAfee LiveSafe Login.
  3. Optimizes Performance- Duplicate files getting accumulated in the maindrive is the major reason for low performance of your device. McAfee LiveSafe Login seamlessly removes all these files in an automated fashion so that the user need not worry about removing these on regular intervals. 
  4. Removes Unwanted Files- Shredder is a unique feature of McAfee LiveSafe Login which enables removal of unwanted files in your drive and keeps your device clean. Even if your device has sensitive information, all those will get deleted instantly to ensure it does not get to the hands of a hacker.

Advantages of McAfee LiveSafe

  1. Safe Web Browsing– Web browsing gets safe with McAfee LiveSafe Login as it filters sites which pose a threat to your phone and the firewall blocks it instantly.
  2. Data Security– Your data will be forever free from hackers and phishing attacks as McAfee LiveSafe Login enables round-the-clock protection for your smartphone, desktop, tab or laptop to secure your device and data from cyber threats. 
  3. Zero Vulnerability– Cyber threats keep surfacing every now and then thereby making all electronic devices vulnerable to malware and trojan horse attacks.  McAfee LiveSafe Login enables zero vulnerability mode with which the user can be assured of 100 percent protection from cyber threats which are upcoming as well as existing. 
  4. Affordable CostMcAfee LiveSafe Login is low priced to ensure everyone could avail digital data protection and hence the prices are affordable to all. Moreover, it comes with value packages to leverage upon.

How to get McAfee LiveSafe Login

On receiving the package, the users can follow the instructions given in the manual as it is largely self-explanatory. In a few minutes, the entire process gets completed and similar steps have to be followed for the entire range of devices in all devices.

McAfee Mobile Security Login

More than 50 percent of mobile phone users across the globe are using McAfee Mobile Security and a huge fraction of them are easily vulnerable to phishing, malware and ransomware attacks. McAfee Mobile Security Login is a new age award-winning mobile security antivirus software suite which offers safe web browsing and complete protection from phishing attacks. With McAfee Mobile Security Login, users can track lost devices and keep their devices safe from illegal VPN access, Read More

What are the unique features of McAfee Mobile Security?

  1. Track Lost Devices– Find your lost devices seamlessly with McAfee Mobile Security Login.
  2. Battery & Memory Booster- Save the battery life of your device from draining and also ensure optimal utility of your phone memory to speed up the performance of your device.
  3. Storage Cleaner– Keep unwanted files removed automatically with the Storage Cleaner facility. Therefore, the user need not put any manual effort to clear data. 
  4. Access to your Mobile device is in your hands with the secure McAfee Mobile Security Login app lock feature. And, keep your sensitive apps in an even more protected environment only for you to access my McAfee account login page
  5. Wi-Fi Guard VPN- this is a refined version of do not disturb that limits advertisers from tracking your mobile device and promoting their deals. Also, one can easily shop, bank, and work on public Wi-Fi by McAfee Mobile Security Login safely.

Benefits offered by McAfee Mobile Security

  1. Secure Device and Data– Cyber threats are becoming regular and every day we see new threats surfacing. McAfee Mobile Security Login enables round-the-clock McAfee Login protection for your android phone to secure your mobile device and data from cyber threats.
  2. Privacy Protection- Public Wi-Fi and Hotspots are seen as a threat to privacy in various geographies. But with McAfee Mobile Security Login, using public wi-fi and hotspots get safer.
  3. Safe Web Browsing- Web browsing gets safe with McAfee Mobile Security Login as it filters sites that pose a threat to your mobile device and the firewall blocks it instantaneously.

How to get McAfee Mobile Security for Android?

Availing McAfee Mobile Security Login is a seamless process as the user has to just download the application from Playstore or visit login. Then, the user can choose the plan according to his/her wish. While the starter package is for free, the Standard and Plus plan come with more added benefits.

McAfee Total Protection: Explained

In a digital savvy world like today, online security is of topmost priority for every individual and organization as digital threats are on the rise. Therefore, the default requirement is that protection has to be beyond Antivirus. Ironically, identifying a reliable antivirus service provider too is a big challenge these days as hackers lure users online with eye-catching offers and trap them into vulnerabilities. McAfee Total Protection Login is the cutting-edge award-winning antivirus software developed to enable a cyber-safe world and it works with a mission of making the world work together in the fight against attacks.

It offers multi-device protection with home network security and encrypted storage by McAfee Antivirus Login Account. Precisely, a person can safeguard his/her desktop, laptop, tablet as well as a smartphone with the McAfee Total Protection Login antivirus software kit. Over 600 million people worldwide are protected with McAfee Total Protection Login Antivirus Kit. Read More

Features Of McAfee Total Protection Login:

Below are some of the unique features that are part of McAfee Total Protection Login:
  1. On-Demand and On-Access Scanning- Scanning can be made on-demand and on-access according to the user’s demand.
  2. Encrypted Storage- The storage details are encrypted that no hacker could break into this chain.
  3. Multi-Device Compatibility- It is compatible with desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones. 
  4. Home Network Security- Offers complete network security for your home.

Benefits McAfee Total Protection Offers:

  1. Safe Web Browsing- Removes unwanted sites and makes web browsing safer for all.
  2. Zero Vulnerability to Phishing Attacks- Phishing attacks can be siphoned off even before it enters the system.
  3. Protects Financial and Personal Information- All sensitive information is protected with a safe lock.

How To Avail And Download McAfee Total Protection Login

In order to avail the McAfee Total Protection Login antivirus software kit, one can click McAfee Login and choose the payment option. The payment option varies for an individual device followed by a family package that allows 10 Devices as well as Multi-Device that allows connecting 5 Devices.

How to Install, Login, And Activate McAfee Total Protection Login

First and foremost step to install McAfee Total Protection Login is to ensure your desktop/laptop/tab/smartphone has a compatible operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 10, iOS, Linux, to name a few.  The brand new McAfee Total Protection Login kit can be accessed seamlessly by clicking on the Activate link. The user can choose his/her login credentials and install the Total Protection antivirus software kit in all the required devices by feeding the activation code mentioned.

What To Do In Case Of McAfee Certificate Error

Several users often complain of the McAfee Certificate Error and without this certificate, browser authentication cannot be performed. This error occurs due to custom changes done to the server .xml file and it can be rectified in a few simple steps. The user can contact customer support who will then create a file backup and edit the server XML file in the recommended format.  Read more

What If I Get McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal Error

Drive Encryption Fatal Error in McAfee Total Protection Login is yet another common issue reported by several users who use Dell Latitude range of laptops. It was also reported in several other laptops and tablet devices widely. This issue can be seamlessly resolved with a change in the BIOS settings.

FAQ’s Related To Mcafee Account Login

You can get various information when you log in to McAfee Service Portal. Like:

  1. Access Newsletters that can be found when you click on Additional Services located at the left.
  2. You can get support by browsing through Attack Encyclopedia located under Support By Reading.
  3. You will be able to download Product Patches by tapping on the Download Software Updates at login page located under Support By Doing.
  4. You can Service Requests by clicking the Interactive Support.

After McAfee login, come down to Manage Service Requests by clicking on the Interactive Support. Now tap on the Check My Open Service Requests. You must note here that your previous support cases that have been closed will not appear on the Service Portal. But you can ask and get information about all closed support cases by calling Customer Support because McAfee keeps all those support cases saved in its database.


After McAfee Login, click on the Additional Services located on the left and then you will find the Threat Center link which was previously called as Security Threats link.

  1. To change the password of your old McAfee account you must go to the official website of McAfee. Now follow these steps to change the password
  2. Open on your computer.
  3. Now go to the navigation bar and click on the My Account tab.
  4. If any security warning pops up then click on Yes.
  5. Fill in your registered email id and password when asked.
  6. Click on the McAfee Login page to initiate McAfee Login.
  7. Now My McAfee Login page Account Page will show up. Here click on the Change Password located on the left.
  8. On the next page, enter the new password two times in the given box. Now click on Update.
  9. A confirmation message will be shown and you will also receive a confirmation mail on your registered email id about the change of your McAfee Login password.

McAfee Login Account page can not be possible with your mobile number. You must enter your registered email id and password to initiate the McAfee login.

  1. If you want to reset password and login to McAfee account page then you need to follow these steps:-
  2. Open the website login page.
  3. Click on the My Account tab.
  4. Now click on the Sign In.
  5. Now a login page will appear.
  6. Click on the Forgot Your Password option.
  7. On the next page, enter your registered email address.
  8. Tap on the Send Email.
  9. Now go to your email inbox and check a mail with Reset Your McAfee Password.
  10. Click on the link provided in the email. Now follow the instruction given and reset your password.
  11. After resetting your password, McAfee Login will easily be done.

McAfee Login page can be accessed as soon as you enter your registered email id and password and then click on the Login button. It is almost instant. As soon as you click on the login button you will be redirected to your my McAfee account login page immediately.

It is very easy to recover your lost username for McAfee Account page. You can easily recover your registered email id in your product installed Here is how:

  1. Open your McAfee antivirus product on your device.
  2. Now click on Your Subscription or My Info.
  3. On the next page, you can see your registered email id located on the * left side and your subscription details.
  4. You can use this email id to proceed with the  McAfee Login.

Well, not worry because we have one more way to find your registered email id. You can recover your email id from the McAfee website. Follow the steps mentioned below to retrieve your registered email id on my McAfee account page:

  1. Open the website on your browser
  2. Scroll your mouse to My Account option.
  3. Now click on the My Account tab
  4. Now click on the Sign In option here.
  5. A Log In Page will open
  6. On the Log In page, click on the Forgot Your Email Address
  7. A pop-up message will appear on the screen. The message will ask you to either log in to your McAfee account with your old email id or contact the Technical Support team for assistance.
  8. You can call the Customer Support to help you out in recovering your email id.
  9. After recovering your email id, McAfee Login Can easily be done.