What if you can not find your email address in your product?

Well, not worry because we have one more way to find your registered email id. You can recover your email id from the McAfee website. Follow the steps mentioned below to retrieve your registered email id on McAfee: Open the website home.mcafee.com on your browser Scroll your mouse to My Account option. Now click on […]

How to reset passwords to login to my McAfee account?

If you want to reset password and login to McAfee account then you need to follow these steps:- Open the website home.mcafee.com Click on the My Account tab. Now click on the Sign In. Now a login page will appear. Click on the Forgot Your Password option. On the next page, enter your registered email […]

How quick is the access to my McAfee login page?

McAfee Login page can be accessed as soon as you enter your registered email id and password and then click on the Login button. It is almost instant. As soon as you click on the login button you will be redirected to your account page immediately.

How to recover lost username for my McAfee account?

It is very easy to recover your lost username for McAfee Account. You can easily recover your registered email id in your product installed Here is how: Open your McAfee antivirus product on your device. Now click on Your Subscription or My Info. On the next page, you can see your registered email id located […]

Where is the “Security Threats” link?

After McAfee Login, click on the Additional Services located on the left and then you will find the Threat Center link which was previously called as Security Threats link.

How to change the password to login to my old McAfee account?

To change the password of your old McAfee account you must go to the official website of McAfee. Now follow these steps to change the password Open McAfee.com on your computer. Now go to the navigation bar and click on the My Account tab. If any security warning pops up then click on Yes. Fill […]

What information is available only when logged into the ServicePortal?

You can get various information when you log in to McAfee ServicePortal. Like: Access Newsletters that can be found when you click on Additional Services located at the left. You can get support by browsing through Attack Encyclopedia located under Support By Reading. You will be able to download Product Patches by tapping on the […]

How do I view my Support Cases?

After McAfee login, come down to Manage Service Requests by clicking on the Interactive Support. Now tap on the Check My Open Service Requests. You must note here that your previous support cases that have been closed will not appear on the Service Portal. But you can ask and get information about all closed support […]