Mcafee Business Security

mcafee business security

McAfee Business Security: Features You Need Right Now

Do you run a small business and are vying for digital security without intending to blow a hole in your pockets? There is a solution for that, too. All you need to do is get McAfee Business Security on your computer as it is a tried and tested security solution for small businesses.

It gives SMB’s the same kind of network protection as major enterprises without charging a whopping amount. McAfee is known to be a leader in the sector of small as well as medium businesses security software. The company is quite aware of the challenges and constraints a business can face.  Besides being cost-effective, the security solutions of McAfee Business Security are super easy to use for businesses that have around 250 employees.

It’s about time you read about the features of this one-of-a-kind software:

Endpoint Protection

  1. The software not only eases compliance but also perfectly streamlines your operations. McAfee Endpoint Protection Suites is known for bringing data protection and industry-leading endpoint security with a centralised management. 
  2. Besides detecting and eliminating viruses and malware, McAfee Business Security solutions also protect you against any kind of cybercrime activities. With a comprehensive endpoint protection, it protects the mobile workforce both off and on the network.
  3. While McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite provides important protection for the endpoints, its advanced version gives high-level advanced protection to the endpoints. Both the versions are as effective as McAfee Business Security
  4. It also provides advanced endpoint protection for Mac operating systems and software for antivirus protection for Linux systems. McAfee even helps you keep the server of Microsoft SharePoint free of malicious online threats and viruses.

Server Security

  1. If your business optimises server infrastructure, then it is important to get your system the much-needed server protection. This will not only help you deal with complex online threats but will also facilitate the smooth functioning of your work by not impacting the performance.
  2. McAfee Business Security not only secures servers and expands into the cloud but also discovers workload. You will easily be able to create strong server security around critical servers of your business, no matter whether they exist in the cloud or physically or virtually with the help of the McAfee Business Security
  3. As the server security solutions have a centralized management system through the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator console, it ensures better protection of devices and data along with better rates.

Security Management

Intel Security’s security management solutions and McAfee’s Security Connected framework results in a perfect integration between Intel and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software. For all businesses, the McAfee Business Security is a must in current times. Due to this, clients get full security visibility across any hosted desktop, server and network.

Web Security

This software provides real-time protection to critical databases from any kind of internal, external and intra-database threats. The solutions provided by the antivirus giant are simple and not costly, and it also does not need any database downtime or architectural changes. One has full visibility into the entire database landscape along with corresponding security posture.

You have read everything by now. But you most certainly need these features for yourself right now. Going by just about any link online can expose you to several cyber threats and leave you at the risk of being conned. Best is to call +1-650-550-2105 and get the software installed on your computers. The technicians will take remote access on your system and ensure the installation process is taken care of in a smooth manner.