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Mcafee Livesafe

The McAfee Livesafe Dilemma: Renew Or Not To Renew?

Are you at a crossroad where you’re thinking what to do about your McAfee Live Safe renewal? This is a dilemma most netizens suffer from. But you needn’t worry because you’ve landed on the right page, which will guide where you ought to be in the next one hour. First things first, go for a renewal because we are living in times of uncertainty and cyber crimes are wreaking havoc in most countries.

Now coming to the crux of the matter – how do you renew it? Here are points you must follow:

Step 1: One can see the remaining period of McAfee Livesafe antivirus software’s subscription on the main McAfee LiveSafe screen on the device. It is always said to be better to renew the subscription before the period ends. This should be done to ensure continuity in the protection. If you want to start with the renewal process, click on the Renewal option.

Step 2:  With the click, you will land directly on the renewal page. The amount which you will be charged to renew the plan is displayed on the screen. You will also be able to see the period of the renewal. If you have made up your mind, then click on the Renew Now option to choose the product and then move to the payment part.

Step 3: The payment page will get open on the McAfee Livesafe renewal page. Now you can complete the process. You will see a list of the items you will be purchasing along with the total cost. It will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Now, you need to choose the payment method and fill in the details in the respective fields to complete the payment process.

Step 4: Once the payment is completed and successful, a summary page that confirms your order and purchase will be displayed. The order number will also be shown. It is important to note down the order number for any future reference. In case you want to go back to the McAfee Livesafe account summary, then kindly go to the top right corner of your screen and click on the “My Account” option.

Step 5: Finally, you will see that the period of subscription on the McAfee Live Safe account page has been extended. Now, enjoy your subscription of McAfee Livesafe.

As you would already know, McAfee’s protection of D-Link router even includes a two-year subscription to MLS antivirus software, and that too without any extra charges. This ensures enhanced protection to your devices, be it desktop, laptop, or smartphones, while you carry on with your daily work. If you want the ongoing protection of your devices to continue, then do not miss to renew your subscription before the two-year period gets over. This software has helped many Internet users get complete protection for their devices up until now. 

There is a possibility you might fall prey to some phishing attack or a cybercriminal trying to misguide you. The worst possible outcome will be losing some money from your bank account, without you even having the slightest idea of the cyber criminal’s unscrupulous intention.

So play it safe right from the scratch and call +1 6505502105 to sort out any query you have.