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McAfee Login Procedures Made Simple

McAfee is an award-winning antivirus software suite built with the forethought of nurturing working together to fight cyber threats. McAfee’s suite of antivirus protects your PCs, mobile phones, and other electronic devices such as laptops and tablets. McAfee brings the power of VPN and ID theft protection for users across the globe with different requirements.

Here Is A Comprehensive Guide On How To Successfully Perform McAfee Login

Quick Sign-Up Procedure

In order to manage McAfee subscription and services, having a McAfee account is a must and one has to create a McAfee login account to leverage these benefits.

The following steps will help one understand the process involved in creating a McAfee Login Account.

  • Open the official website of McAfee i.e.,
  • Hover to the My Account tab and click on the drop-down menu.
  • The user is navigated to the McAfee login page by clicking on the sign-in button.
  • To sign up, one has to click on “Are you a New User” hyperlink which navigates them to the sign-up page.
  • Under the Register Now page, the user can feed the below-mentioned details
    1.  First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
    4. Choose a Password
    5. Re-Enter a Password
  • Then, the user has to click on the I Agree on button to accept the Terms and Conditions by thoroughly reading it.
  • After clicking on I Agree, the user will receive a verification email in the mentioned Email ID. Now, the user has to click on the Verify button in the given email message.
  • At last, the user can click on the Sign-Up or Create Account button.

Login Procedure & Utility

The McAfee LiveSafe login screen can be accessed in two different ways

  1. Via Web Browser
  2. Via McAfee Mobile Application

How To Perform McAfee Login Via Web Browser

  • Open any web browser on your PC/laptop and visit the login page.
  • Hover on the top-right corner and choose the account tab.
  • The user can click on My Account tab from the Account menu list.
  • Enter the credentials in the Email Address and Password section.
  • If you want the computer to save these details to perform auto-login every time you visit this website, click on Remember Me checkbox.
  • Now, scroll down and click on the Login button to access your McAfee Login.

How To Perform McAfee Login Via Mobile Application

  • Go to Google Play Store or App Store (iOS devices).
  • Search for the McAfee application and choose the right application from the search list.
  • Click on the Install/Download button and click on the I Agree on the checkbox that pops up on your mobile phone.
  • Open the installed application on your phone and click on the login option to enter
    1. Email Address
    2. Password
  • Hit on the login button and access your McAfee account on the phone.

Managing your subscriptions get easier with McAfee login either through a web browser or even a mobile application.

Resolving McAfee Login Issues

In several instances users often complain about not being able to access McAfee login even though they followed the right steps. This could be a reflection of technical, password and browser related issues. However, we are here to help you and the below section discusses all your problems related to McAfee login.

Common Antivirus McAfee Login Issues
  1. Changing McAfee Login password is not possible as the master reset button is disabled.
  2. Expiry of McAfee com login page 
  3. Browser bounces to McAfee LiveSafe login page even after logging in multiple times.
  4. Incorrect Password Prompts 
  5. Firewall hindering the login process 

Note: These are the common issues that users face on a regular basis and sorting them is not at all a big deal as the users can read the quick and effective troubleshooting tips to overcome the above-mentioned login issues.

  1. In case of an outdated web browser, download a new version from the menu list and begin fresh.
  2. Click on the Forgot Password link to retrieve your lost password for your McAfee Login account.
  3. Accessing through a third party or wrong URL could lead to multiple issues. Therefore, the user has to be sure that he/she is performing McAfee login only through home.mcafee.login.
  4. Unknowingly, users could often click on the Caps Lock button and end up typing the password in capital letters. This is often a cause of feeding wrong login credentials. Therefore, the user has to ensure Caps Lock is off when he/she is typing the login credentials and also click on the show password button to ensure the right characters are fed.
  5. If in case the user is not able to reset the password, the user can utilize the True Key Master Password to get back to the McAfee Account.

Following All These Steps Will Reassure The User Of 100% Problem Free McAfee Login.

At the tail end of the comprehensive guide which essays how to manage McAfee accounts, your mcafee login account will get created and you can seamlessly manage the account without any hindrance. All the existing McAfee login issues will instantly disappear as you have a hold of how to deal with them already.

Quick Steps To Change McAfee Login Password

Securing your McAfee Login will require frequent changing of your login credentials and updating the auto-save option accordingly.

Here is how the McAfee Login credentials can be changed frequently from different devices and operating systems

For Android Devices:
  • Visit the McAfee Login page
  • Enter the login credentials in the right fields
  • Now, click on the login button to access the McAfee Login account
  • Then, navigate to the settings and open it
For iPhone Devices:
  • Access McAfee login page via home.mcafee.login
  • Choose the right preferences from the option of Account Menu
  • Click the My Factors tab and drop down the options
  • Now, choose the Master Password option
For PC Or Laptops:
  • Go to the McAfee Login page on your device
  • Click on the ‘McAfee Name’ or choose the ‘Profile’ icon to open. 
  • Expand the My McAfee Login Account options. 
  • Finally choose the ‘Edit’ option to change the password.

The above-mentioned steps are unique to the devices we log in to. Now, here is the common procedure to change the password on all devices.

  • Choose the Change Master Password option.
  • Feed your current master password with which you have been logging in.
  • Now, type the New Desired Password and confirm the same.
  • As you could click on the Change Master Password button at the end, you can see the password changing successfully.

In case you are encountering any trouble whilst performing the above steps then contact the group of certified technicians who are right here to help you in fixing and resolving the antivirus-related problems at McAfee Helpline number.