Mcafee Mobile Security

Mcafee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security: The Important Details You Must Know

In today’s world, a phone is no less than a lifeline. So much so that it is the identity of many people. It has everything – your address book, wallet, photo album and your calendar. So, naturally you can’t afford to let it slip into the hands of someone dicey.

What if we say you should not worry about your phone any more? Sounds interesting?

Stay tension-free as McAfee also offers security not just for your computer but also for your smartphones. McAfee Mobile Security protects your handheld from malicious online threats such as viruses, unsafe applications, and theft. It also offers customized solutions for devices, along with a complete range that offers comprehensive services at affordable rates.

After McAfee Mobile Security becomes a part of your device, you can freely explore whatever the Internet has to offer. The software shields your data and device while you pick up new applications, scroll through social media platforms, do online shopping and make online payments. Please note that a privacy scan starts soon as you download it.

The software shields you from any data loss and online threats that target tablets and smartphones. Its mobile device management feature minimizes risks when devices are stolen or lost. Also, there is minimal chance of unauthorized access or loss of business-related data from employee-owned devices. Besides Android, McAfee Mobile Security also offers its services to iPad, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

Here are some salient features of McAfee Mobile Security:

1. This software offers security scans for your mobile and tablet. 

2. Privacy settings such as block calls, lock apps and hide profile are available for that extra layer of protection

3. With this software, one can erase memory, clean storage, extend battery life and even track the data usage easily.

4. It helps you in locating your device and locking it from a remote computer.

5. The software sends a warning when a SIM is inserted in a lost or stolen device. You also get to see the mobile number of the new sim.

6. Now, coming to the best feature. You will now be able to see the photo of the person having your stolen mobile or tablet. CaptureCam sends you the photo of the person having your device along with the location on your email address.

7. McAfee Mobile Security erases all your personal data from the device in case it gets stolen or lost. The software even backs up and restores in that circumstance.

8. It keeps risky wi-fi networks, links and websites at bay. 

9. You can even the validity of your subscription easily.

We have an inkling that reading one article is not enough when it comes to exploring the benefits and finer details of McAfee Mobile Security. An expert who has all the details up his sleeves will most walk you through the right features and explain what to do and what not to do. Try dialing +1-650-550-2105 and walk into a secure world of mobile security.