McAfee Antivirus Login Account

How To Perform McAfee Product Key Activation In Your PC

Did you recently purchase McAfee Total Protection Login and are you wondering how to activate? Well, you are one among the million who purchased McAfee Total Protection and are proud of it. All are not tech nerds to find the right thing to do just looking at a software kit. All of you need support and we are here to assist you.

Now let us answer the question “how do I activate McAfee Total Protection Login with a product key?” Well, this is nothing but McAfee login in layman terms. Long-time users of McAfee Total Protection Login definitely know how to activate McAfee total protection Login as they have been using it for a long time.

Why Do I Need A McAfee Login And How To Activate Product Key?

For a definitive utilization of the McAfee activation key, you need to download, introduce, and enact it. Be that as it may, this interaction can’t be launched without having you to make a McAfee login account. When you register yourself on the McAfee enact entryway, you can utilize this record to play out an assortment of assignments. Regardless of whether you need to begin with utilizing the 30 days free preliminary of McAfee, at that point additionally, you need to enter the login subtleties. Additionally, the 25-digit activation code is connected to your record when you purchase a paid membership of McAfee.

For recovering the item key, this record assumes a significant part in light of the fact that without signing in to your record, you won’t ever have the option to reclaim the item key. This implies you will not have the option to set up your gadget against the section of malware, dangers, and other infections. For this reason, we will before long become familiar with the cycle to make a McAfee account.

Other than learning the record creation and login measure, we will likewise be examining the approaches to recuperate your record. After which, we will become familiar with the technique to download McAfee Mobile Security Login on a cell phone for which the means are examined independently.

How To Sign Into A McAfee Account?

For your McAfee account login, the user must initiate a signup request. The detailed steps for creating a new account are discussed below:

  1. Open the desired web browser in your PC
  2. Now, type login which leads you to the McAfee Login home page.
  3. If you already have an account, click on Log In.
  4. If not, click on the Register Now button.
  5. Feed the details prompted on the upcoming page.
  6. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Email ID.
  7. Then choose the desired password which you could easily remember.
  8. To confirm the password, retype it and finish the registration process.

Now, we have successfully Registered for a new McAfee Account.

After you log in to the account as a user, the consequent step for the user is to obviously redeem the product activation key. After which, a user can download and install the subscription. If in case any of the steps get incorrect, then the user will be prompted to start from the beginning. But, do not get freaked out. These steps are self-explanatory so that you need not to worry about the process.

Next up, we shall learn about the easy process of McAfee account login. After that, we will move to the account recovery process in case a user forgets his login details.

Login To McAfee Account With These Easy Steps

  1. In order to login, visit the URL
  2. In the left hand side corner, a log in section is visible.
  3. Enter the email address in the first section
  4. Followed by the password under the McAfee Login password section.
  5. If the user wants to seamlessly access the account from the device, he/she can select Remember Me checkbox and log in.

The login failed? Do not get freaked out, we have a simple step i.e., McAfee Login Recovery with which one can recover the account.

Although there are a variety of methods for doing so, you may choose the desired and most relevant method for doing so. The recovery options are listed below:

  1. Discover your registered email address
  2. Reset your McAfee password

Ways To Identify Registered McAfee Account

In case you have forgotten which email address you have used while registering for your McAfee account, then you may easily identify it by using the steps given below:

  1. First, you need to open your McAfee product.
  2. After this, click on the ‘My Info’ tab also named as ‘Your Subscription’.
  3. When you do so, you will see your registered email address on your screen.
  4. Use this email address to log in to your account.

Another Method To Discover Your Email Address

  1. Type the URL from your desired web browser.
  2. Click on the My Account tab
  3. Now, you can locate your Email Address by clicking on Forgot Your Email Address
  4. The same option can be found under the Login dropdown 
  5. Follow the upcoming steps to recover your email address

Instructions To Reset Your Password

If you have forgotten your McAfee login password, reset it using the following steps:

  1. Initiate the process by visiting 
  2. On visiting the site, one has to choose the My Account tab
  3. The login page opens up by clicking on the right option
  4. Here one has to choose Forgot Password
  5. Followed by that the user has to feed the Registered Email Address in the upcoming field
  6. As the user clicks on Send Email, an Email will be sent
  7. Now, the user has to separately login to their registered email address and open the mail received from McAfee.
  8. Now, a verification link will exist in the mail and the user can choose it accordingly to reset the password.

As seen above, these steps are far more simple than expected. Therefore, users have nothing to freak out and in case of any discrepancies, our support team is always available for backend support.

In case you are encountering any trouble whilst performing the above steps then contact the group of certified technicians who are right here to help you in fixing and resolving the antivirus-related problems at McAfee Helpline number