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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of McAfee Pro has been specifically compiled for those wishing to know how the details they post on this website are being used.  Therefore, before sharing any personal details with us, you are advised to read this policy carefully.

Also, note that the terms that our website refers to here are mcafeepro.com.  By going through the privacy policy, you will get a clear idea of using your Personally Identifiable Information. 

Personal Information That We Collect When You Visit Our Website 

When you visit our website and ask for any service, we ask for the following information.

  • Your Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Product Information
  • Other Related Information

When We Collect Information?

We collect your personal information as our user in the following scenario

  • When you fill the form on our website
  • When you use the Live Chat option
  • When you enter the information manually for posting your feedback or comments.

The Way We Use the Information Shared by You

We shall use the details shared by you in the situations like when you register with us or make a purchase from this website. Also, your data shall be collected during the signup or while registering for a newsletter or to respond to a survey. In addition to this, we can use your details for marketing communication purposes, surfing the website, and to use any other function. In these examples, your data is used for the following purposes:

  • For your experience to be personalised
  • It also allows us to provide you with the kind of content you want to see
  • to inform you about the product offers.
  • To enhance our website based on your feedback
  • To give you the best services you have requested for

Measures to Protect Your Privacy

  • McAfeePro never uses vulnerability scanning practices
  • Our website information contains and provides only insightful articles
  • You never asked to share information about your credit card on our website
  • We also ensure regular malware scans are performed
  • No SSL certificate is used on our website as it never asks users for credit card numbers

Do We Use ‘cookies’?

We use cookies so we can identify your browser in these tiny files and give you the content you’d like the best. It also helps us to process and appreciate your preferences for products in your shopping cart. This allows us to provide more and improved services to you.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

  • We use cookies to understand your preferences
  • We use cookies to save them for future visits
  • For the purpose of collecting website traffic information
  • To collect the information regarding website interactions

In order to follow up on this information on our behalf, we can use trustworthy third-party providers. Users can turn cookies off whenever they want, but the customized and enhancing experience will not be provided.

Third-party Disclosure at Our Website

Your data is never shared, sold, or traded with other parties on this website.

Third-party Links at Our Website

In our discretion, we may or may not provide third-party products on our website, which have their own privacy policies. You are also advised to follow their procedures separately before using their services.

Do We Allow Conduct Tracking by Third Parties?

Yes, on our website we allow third-party conduct monitoring.

COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act)

We respect the regulations enforced by the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to obtain information from children under 13.  According to this act, we place parents in charge in such scenarios. 

Privacy Policy Changes

We may modify this policy at our absolute discretion, and may or may not notify the users personally.  You should visit this page regularly to learn about the same.

Contact Us

In case of any questions or suggestions concerning our privacy policy, you can contact us and call us for your valuable feedback.

Disclaimer** The authenticity of the material available here is not guaranteed from mcafeepro.com. We do not have any affiliation with McAfee or any other company.   In the event of any discrepancies, please contact us or call us with your feedback as this is only an informational site.  You must understand that you do so at your own risk, after reading the terms and conditions of this website, before taking any action via this website. You are fully responsible for any loss of reference, financial, or circumstance by using this website.